The legend of Tai Chi

There are countless legends about the origins of Tai Chi. The most beautiful story to me is about a man who sat on the top of a mountain and observed the nature quietly . He felt inspired by the movement of the universe around him until he began to move and imitate the forces of nature he had seen around him. He became heaven, earth, fire and water, trees, wind and clouds, birds and animals. He was happy with his dance and called these movements the names that characterized them: "Embrace the tiger and send it to the mountains", "The cloud Hands", "The seven-star fist". He was the creator of Tai Chi. This legend could have happened many years ago or now, somewhere in the world and this man could be you ...

From the book of Master Al Huang

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  • I am taking Tai Chi lessons from Sifu Marek for the last couple of years. Before this,
    I had a rather sedentary schedule (I am a professor of Physics at the Hebrew University).
    Tai Chi has put me in contact with my own body and makes me feel alive and happy.
    Marek is a wonderful teacher and I enjoy every moment of this wonderful rediscovery of life and the world.
    As a consequence, I discovered how my Dan Tien can extend and express its vital force in other contexts:
    TI Swimming, Argentinean Tango, Feldenkrais motion awareness...
    The group of people which Marek has gathered and trained is very inspiring and supportive and practices
    a very deep and rigorous Chen Pan Ling Tai Chi style.
    I can definitely say this experience has changed and still changes my life from good to better and better.

    Sorin Solomon
    Sorin Solomon
    professor of Physics at the Hebrew University
  • Tai Chi and its Virtues
    I have been practicing Tai Chi with Marek for 13 years now in the magnificent park of the roses,near the Knesset,
    in a magic space of cedars trees, water flowing , a lake and more specifically under a cherry-tree……….
    Today, after such a long time, I think I can analyze what Tai Chi has given me and how it has changed my life..
    I have been a dancer all my life and practiced ballet until today……but Tai chi has other merits and virtues:
    first it is gentle, does not ask from the body a very strict and difficult discipline as ballet.
    When I practice it every week and gradually every day, it gives me serenity, and calm and beauty,integration with
    nature and a suppleness, a link with my body which is amazing. Tai Chi is for me one of the major arts I know,
    and in the chaos of our modern world it brought me such order and direction, and pleasure that I can almost say it is
    a metaphysical miracle, a meditation in movement which indeed surpasses all the physical arts I have been in contact with.
    Its impact on health is also impressive. Moreover, Marek is a brilliant and dedicated master and the group is splendid.

    writer and professor of Jewish philosophy

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